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Wooden Windows

Manufacturers of high-end custom windows, since 1987.

The timeless appeal and beauty of the wood are unparalleled. Moreover, wood is eco-friendly and has a low carbon footprint. The texture of solid wood adds the element of visual beauty to any architectural design.

ITP manufactures pure quality and eco-friendly custom wood windows with precision manufacturing standards but designed and customized to fit your specific needs. There are no limitations on design configuration, quantity, size, profiles, glazings, or wood species. 

With a wide selection of design options, features, and styles our sustainable windows offer unmatched flexibility. Also, all our solid-wood windows offer exceptional aesthetics and excellent durability. We manufacture wooden windows that suit the Indian climate as the wood is specially kiln-dried to ensure that it has the appropriate moisture content. Apart from the seasoning of wood to prevent joint opening or disfigurement the wood is chemically treated to make it termite resistant. 

The adhesives and glues we use in the whole manufacturing process very low emissions, ensuring green solutions and sustainability. All of our products are made-to-measure specifically tailored to our customers’ requirements. We are proud to offer you the ability to create windows that add structural integrity, insulation, and added security while maintaining aesthetic beauty.

Our wooden windows foster your health and easy to maintain contrary to common perceptions. Water-based sealants are used apart from a meticulous schedule of chemical treatment and seasoning. 

A range of premium Hardwood is available for the customer’s preference: Burma Teak, African Teak, Mahogany, Meranti, etc. The fine wood is further enhanced by Polyurethane (PU) polish known for its enduring quality.


Consistent quality is ensured as our windows undergo rigorous quality tests in our well-equipped laboratory before reaching the customer.

Installation :

Installation services form an integral part of our end to end door & window solutions ensuring zero dependence on labour and traditional cumbersome methods of fixing doors and windows. Salient features of this service are:

  • Team of skilled and experienced workmen
  • Strict guidelines for installations at the site level
  • Dry fixing –the windows with their frames are installed at the final stage
  • The frames are fixed to the wall with Anchor fasteners
  • The gap between the frame and the wall is filled up with foam

The prerequisites for the installation of windows are:

  • Flooring to be completed
  • A coat of wall painting to be completed

Regular tests are carried out from our well-equipped laboratory, which performs rigorous quality tests before it is certified to be sent to customers.

  • the windows are prone to damage at site and
  • the final quality of the finished window may not be to customer expectation.
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