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wooden furniture manufacturers

Wood is the ultimate choice for energy efficiency and the environment, as a building material wood offers many environmental benefits. Wood that is ethically sourced is the only major building material that is sustainable and renewable, trees that are harvested only for their wood could be replenished by new growth.

Predominantly, the carbon footprint that results from sourcing, production, and processing of wood products is drastically lower when compared with other building materials such as steel, concrete, etc. It also plays a crucial role to mitigate climate change. Trees store carbon dioxide as they grow, after harvest, wood continues to store more carbon, where its benefits can be reclaimed when we continue to manufacture other products.

Eco-friendly alternative —-Wood is a better option in terms of greenhouse emissions, pollution, and other impacts. Steel and concrete consume about 12-20% more energy, release 15% & 29% more greenhouse gases, also emit 10% and 20% air pollutants than wood respectively.

  • Wood reduces energy consumption
  • Wood enhances energy efficiency
  • Using wood aids to sustain forests & increases carbon storage potential
  • Wood lasts a life-time
  • Can be recycled and reused
  • Great at retaining heat
  • Its waste is 100% biodegradable
  • It has a positive impact on your physical & mental health

Specialist Timber Manufacturers 

Since 1987, ITP is the successful specialist manufacturer and installer of top quality, high-performance timber doors, and windows. ITP crafts wooden precision products in an environmentally friendly and economic manner. Offering an elegant classic collection and bespoke wooden timber windows and doors while maintaining sustainability ethos with innovation and flair.

Our complete product range appeals to both the aesthetics and functional requirements. ITP has been a leading manufacturer, and the first choice fenestration partner for many designers and contractors and acknowledged for superior finish and durability, and affordability.

Recognized within the industry as the market leaders, ITP has built a well-earned reputation amongst developers, architects, and aspirational homeowners for wooden products for outstanding quality.

All our wooden fenestration products and other furniture are proudly made in our in-house factory using advanced German technology and time-served craftsmanship, using the first-class quality wood.

ITP uses Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified timber and we have been a pioneer in promoting awareness among its clients to use wood from certified forests. FSC-certifications ensures that the wood is sustainably sourced from well-managed forests.


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