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Customised Solutions


Customised Solutions

Our custom designs are limited only by your imagination!

Handmade doors and furniture by master craftsmen to last forever!

At ITP Interiors, we take pride in our custom capabilities. Want to personalize your interior or exterior doors, windows, and furniture, with ITP imagine endless possibilities. 

Merging modern woodworking technology with age-old craftsmanship, we can produce phenomenal solid wood doors, windows, and furniture that meet a variety of clients’ specifications. Whenever you need the right door or furniture, you can count on our team to deliver. 

We are a custom wood door and furniture manufacturer that specialized in building customized solid wood doors facilitating unlimited sizes, colours, and styles. Our custom fenestration products and furniture are the one-of-kind, classic, and well-built examples of made-in India products crafted to last. They possess a unique strength and beauty. 

We ensure that our quality products meet building, fire, environment, and life safety codes. We are green-pro certified building material and service providers who follows the green building process. Raw materials are sourced and processed in a sustainable manner. We owe to standardization and sustainability by offering products as well as services that are effective and environmentally-friendly. 

Do you need custom doors?

We produce custom, made-to-order fenestration products and furniture to help our clients achieve various goals, including:

  • Create a definitive look 
  • Fit Unconditional Sizes 
  • Accommodate your unique door hardware
  • Meet building regulations 
  • Sustainability 

Custom, hand-built fenestration products, furniture for your residential or commercial properties. 

Your custom interior door, furniture manufacturer & supplier!

Choose our experts at  ITP for all your custom door, window, and furniture machining needs. 

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