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Prefinished Doors

Prefinished doors from Indian Timber Products Pvt. Ltd (ITP) are Ready-to-Install Doors- These Prefinished doors / Ready-to-install doors have been built on the concept of providing a perfect end to end solution to avoid the traditional cumbersome methods of fixing doors. It changes the whole perception about doors and the hassles involved in their installation. The Frames and the shutters are manufactured at our factory as per the finish specification provided. Later, the shutter is hinged to the frame and the entire door set is packed as a single unit for dispatch to the site. At the site, we adhere to dry fixing wherein the installation is carried out with Anchor fasteners and foam which is taken up at the final stage after the flooring is completed. Our Prefinished doors are polished using PU polish from Sherwin Williams , Sirca , Hesse lignal , Asian, Berger , others.

The prerequisites for ITP to take up installation of door sets are

  • • Flooring to be completed and
  • • A coat of wall painting to be completed

This process of installation has the following benefits –

  • • Provides a superior finished quality of the doors to the end customers
  • • Safeguards from the abuses of curing, Plastering and physical damage at site
  • • Avoids dependence on carpenters at site
  • • Avoids polishing at site