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Finger Jointed Boards

Finger Jointed Boardsfrom Indian Timber Products Pvt. Ltd (ITP) are the perfect foil for renowned furniture manufacturers as an assortment of furniture products are manufactured using these boards.

Finger Jointing is a process in which a number of wooden pieces are joined together to form a single bigger piece of wood. It involves arranging small pieces of solid wood of uniform thickness and width that are chemically treated and seasoned, lengthened by finger joining and joined width wise by edge gluing and applying a suitable pressure in a board making press. It is well accepted worldwide and known to be the most stable method of joining timber.

By virtue of its joining technique, finger jointed boards are stronger, aesthetically superior and cheaper.

ITP's range of Teak Finger Jointed Boards has the following advantages:

  • • Increased strength of the product
  • • Dimensionally more stable
  • • Efficient usage of wood
  • • Aesthetically appealing

ITP's range of Teak Finger Jointed Boards can be used for:

  • • Floor Boards
  • • Timber Roofs
  • • Door Construction
  • • Furniture Making